New trendport from South Korea spills to Europe

(Berne / Berlin) A new trendport from South Korea spills into the German-speaking area. PrimeGolf AG from Switzerland, based in Berne and with a subsidiary in Berlin, now already count as a leading innovator in the field of golf entertainment and golf simulators in the German-speaking countries, who want to establish the business model of the Asians in Europe. South Korea serves as a showcase for golfing and the modern gameplay on golf simulators, and Prime Golf AG in 2014/2015 concluded various joint ventures with various South Korean companies.

According to Olivier Noir, IR manager of the Prime Golf Group, South Korea has risen to a world-dominated golfing community. The reason for this performance is the Asian talent promotion and indoor golf. Around 650,000 Koreans and Koreans spend more than 8,700 indoor golf courses every day.

For the European the trend sport from Korea seems to be getting used to, and even incomprehensible to some golfers, who pour into the clubs in any weather, to golfen.

However, the boom from Asia can be explained very simply, with the following factors playing an essential role;

Time problem,
Modernization of the playing habits of golfers and golfers
The urbanization

About 9 of 10 golf simulators sold in the world are now available in South Korea and Asia.

While there were only 1,000 indoor golf facilities in South Korea in 2006, it is now almost 8700. They are usually equipped with three to ten golf simulators, where the players hit the ball with normal golfers against a canvas. The trend of golf simulators has created a new culture among the Amateurgologists in South Korea. During lunch, many businessmen and their work colleagues play 6 to 9 holes, the loser has to invite them to lunch

Previously, golf was a sport for the rich in South Korea. Today everyone can play golf without any hassle.

Also the Prime Golf has the vision to make golfing affordable for everyone in Europe, according to Olivier Noir.

With an elaborate expansion strategy in the area of ​​Franchisesystem for different target groups such as hotels, golfstores, Shop in Shopsolution, Golfbars and Greenfieldbasement solutions, PrimeGolf AG plans to create an indoor golf facility in every major city in the coming years.

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