Prime Golf AG – The specialist for golf simulators and indoor golf leads a trend change in the golf scene

(Berne / Berlin) Prime Golf AG from Switzerland is the first indoor golf club and producer of golf simulators to enter the second currency of Switzerland.

From 01.02.2017 customers and members in the golf clubs and in the indoor golf clubs can pay with “WIR”. In addition, future partner companies such as hotels, planners, architects and franchise partners can pay up to 100% with the “WIR” at Prime Golf AG in Switzerland.

Perhaps for the “WE”, according to Olivier Noir, press manager and investor relations manager of the PrimeGolf Group;

The “WIR” is a Swiss payment system that emerged as a second currency during the 1930s. Today, the WIR billing system is known as cashless payment transactions among the WIR participants. The WIR network counts 60,000 actors, including 45,000 SMEs from all sectors and regions of Switzerland.

The WIR-Franken received the three-letter code CHW according to ISO 4217 in 2004 in accordance with the national currency CHF (Swiss Francs). At the shop or hotel entrance in Switzerland, the WIR signet indicates the possibility of paying all or part of the services in WIR money.

WE credits are created by means of credits from WIR Bank and thus we have a similar money-creating function in the WIR system as the Swiss National Bank. The worldwide unique WIR system is a sensible addition to the established money cycle and makes a valuable contribution to a healthy domestic economy.

All transactions with WIR are made exclusively within Switzerland. Thus, the WIR system strengthens the backbone of the Swiss economy. The WE is the payment system for the wide people in Switzerland. For this reason, we have decided to accept the WIR as a second currency with us.

Press contact:

Prime Golf AG
Tempelstrasse 8b
CH- 3606 Thun

Prime Golf GmbH
Friedrichstrasse 171
D- 10177 Berlin, Germany

Contact: Olivier Noir
Phone: +41 22 575 22 02

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