Golf without flying razor

Great skills in the smallest space: Recently opened indoor golf course in the Liebefeld.

Despite all efforts, golf is considered a hobby of more mature years with a well-filled wallet. You park the Bentley, Mercedes or Jaguar in front of the golf course, meet in the chicly equipped Clublokal solvente and prominent colleagues and walks comfortably over endless green spaces, sometimes with mountain or sea view. It is not really a sport, especially since the route is not always on foot, but also from the electrically surfering golf car through the “protected” landscape.

These are stereotypes, but stereotypes are not always wrong. There are exclusive clubs that demand so high entry fees that Krethi and Plethi will never join them. For this reason, Migros has opened golf courses, in the canton of Berne those at the Moossee. As well as at several other golf courses, golfers can play and pay for individual hours on payment of a painful annual fee. But this is not cheap either.

While skaters or swimmers expect their facilities to be made available by the public, golf is the motto: if you want to have a place, pay for it yourself (see “Bund” of 22 September 2016: The creeping Crisis).

But now for golfing in the love field. It is true that golf balls do not fly in the Liebefeld Park. But where else in Bern’s densely overgrown suburbs is there space for this sportive sport? Space needs this kind of game little. A hall is enough. It should be about three meters high, but this is true for many industrial buildings. And how far does the ball fly? One knows the film scenes, in which a villain stalked the golf ball behind the hill, throws into the water or pushed closer to the hole, to the hole. On Gartenstadtstrasse 7a there are no hills and no pond, only walls.

These are a few meters away from the player. The player, who comes from the home with a golf bag and his own rackets, hits the ball as if in the green. This spits on a canvas on which the image of a golf course can be seen and on which the trajectory can be tracked. Sensors evaluate the impact and know where the ball would have landed in a real landscape. If the country site is downhill, the ground is under the feet of the indoor player, who now has to play from “Börtli”.

Developed this high-tech game the South Koreans. In this Southeast Asian country, the number of indoor golf facilities has increased ninefold within a few years: 8700 should be today. This is the website of the Prime Golf, the operator of the Liebefelderanlage, which has been established by specialists from South Korea. According to the website, it is customary for men to have a few balls with colleagues in such a facility, and who loses loses the lunch. For endless walks on endless golf courses no one has time.

It is certainly useful if a novice golfer orders his instructor in an indoor facility to train the right physical activity. This is often done, say the leaders of PrimeGolf who want to expand with indoor golf in all of Switzerland. Practicing in the house is certainly a clever alternative than what the writer did once on a “real” golf course – also in Southeast Asia, without space and without any handicaps. A photograph of that moment shows an awkward golfer at work, while at the upper edge of the picture, a razor is passing through. It does not have to be.

Prime Golf, Gartenstadtstrasse 7a, Liebefeld; (The Confederation)

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