Pace Of Play

Pace Of Play

You’ll never be waiting on the slow group in front of you or be pushed by that 14 year old, that’s just better than you right now.

Great For All Levels

At Prime Golf, have the entire course to yourself as often as you like until you’re more comfortable taking your game outdoors.

Ability To Improve

Utilize our state of the art technology to gain critical data after every shot, including distance, club head speed and swing path.

Time & Weather

Golf provides protection from the blistering cold of winter to the week long stretches of rain in the summer. Every season is now golf season.

We Provide Real Golf Experience

Prime Golf is an indoor golf center fitted with 5 Simulators, each loaded with almost 50 courses to choose from. Our laid back and family-friendly atmosphere is the perfect environment for beginners to learn the game and for advanced golfers to improve theirs.

Play 18 holes in an hour, avoid the rain, keep your swing through the winter, and compete in leagues with your friends and co-workers. Primer Golf is the perfect place to learn, practice or play the game of golf.

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We Provide Real Golf Experience

Please contact us using the form below, via direct email at, or by telephone on 031 305 60 00.